Suffield Garden Club, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                              Organized June 24, 1934
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Banana Cream Cups

Don't Forget

Annual Flower Show at Hatheway House in October 2014

Recipe of the Month

Spring Pea Risotto

Suffield Garden Club at the Springfield Museum

Stop by the Springfield Museum and see The Festival of Flowers  - Saturday, April 6 & Sunday April 7th.

Kudos to our Suffield Garden Club team who entered in the fun at the museum.  The painting is "Hamburg Cove" by William Chadwick.  

The flowers were used by each team of designers to interpret the artwork into floral design and a table setting.
Flowers include: parrot tulips, stock, larkspur, peony, flowering
cherry, African Violets, ,ferns,ranunculus, ,echeveria, snow drops, and viburnum.

March Recipe of the Month

Asparagus Signals Signs if Spring

Try this ---


Posies 2 Go
February 4,2013 
Bring a small arrangement for a house bound person and brighten their day!!  All arrangements will be delivered to Suffield VNA- include a bag or box for easy delivery.  Thanks!

February Recipe of the Month
Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Jam 

 Brighten up your winter morning with an easy and delicious treat. Youngsters will love this too. 

December/January Recipe
Holiday Egg Nog 

November Recipe
World's Best 

October Recipe
Apple Pie Spiced Cider 


The ASIAN LONG-HORNED BEETLE was found in Boston in July 2010.

It is a huge problem in nearby Worcester, Mass., with 76 square miles under quarantine and 30,000 trees destroyed.

Get to know THIS BAD BUG!
Male Asian long-horned beetle

Learn more about the ALB and what to do If you see it in Connecticut.

Female Asian long-horned beetle

Photos' copyright Jennifer Forman Orth, 
Mass. Dept. of Agricultural Resources.
(Used with permission.)
 SGC June 2014 Tea Party at the Hatheway Gardens

nt's Message

Greetings, everyone! I am so honored and excited to be this year's Club President! Our upcoming Garden Club year is one of full promise. As we look ahead to the road that lies before us, we can anticipate upholding the values that are so clearly stated in our purpose. I think of our stated purpose as a promise of sorts, a challenge set forth by pioneering women and men who had a vision or a more beautiful Suffield and who entrusted future generations with the privilege and responsibility of building on that vision. It is their legacy that we safeguard though maintenance and educational activities and our own legacy that we forge through our new endeavors and our community outreach. (from from Presidents letter in 2013-2014 Guide - letter to members)
Cathi Smith

 Arbor Day Program for Suffield 4th Graders 2013

Approximately 200 fourth graders received flowering crab apple trees at an Arbor Day assembly on April 24th,  2013. The club has awarded trees to fourth graders annually since 1965.

How to Plant Your Crab Apple Tree

Congratulations! Today you received a beautiful crab apples tree.  It may not seem like much right now but in a few years it will be covered with beautiful flowers in mid-spring.   Your tree will produce small edible fruits that are tart but excellent for making jelly. 

Your tree is bare rooted, which means it hasn’t been grown in a pot.  When you get it home put it in a bucket of water to rehydrate the roots and then plant it as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours.

Crab apples need lots of sunlight so choose a spot that receives full sun (6+ hours per day) and where the soil drains freely.  It will grow to 15-25 feet tall and wide at maturity, so be sure to plant it in a spot where it will have plenty of room.

To plant it, first carefully clip off any damaged roots.  Dig a hole as deep as the root structure and 1 ½ times as wide.  Be sure not to go any deeper than where the tree trunk begins to spur out into roots (a.k.a. root collar).  Place the tree in the hole.  Backfill the soil and press down around the roots to eliminate air pockets.  Water thoroughly.  Add a 2-3 inch layer of mulch to this same area, keeping the mulch a few inches away from the tree trunk. 

Caring for your tree is easy!  Apply a layer of organic compost under the tree each spring, spreading it out to the drip line (e.g., the area under the outermost branches).  Reapply mulch every year, bringing the mulch line further out to match the drip line.  Water the tree during the summer if the rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. 

Crab apples don’t need much pruning once they are established.  In late winter, prune any dead, diseased, and/or broken branches.  Also, trim off any new sprouts that grow at the base of the tree.


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